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At BBH USA our mission is focused on “the power of difference to make a difference,” and as the ‘Black Sheep’ agency, we pride ourselves on bringing different thinking that cannot be found elsewhere. Difference is our biggest source of power, and it follows that DE&I and supporting Black talent specifically is core to achieving our mission. With a commitment that starts at the top, we are fostering an inclusive, creative, and safe environment where Black talent can thrive. We are delighted to partner with VMLY&R and the Dear Black Talent platform, and look forward to a powerful collaboration in support of a more inclusive and diverse industry.

Roles available at this company

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This is the heart and soul of a creative agency. Creatives come up with the ideas for everything from billboards to commercials to real world experiences that all help reinforce the brand’s message for that campaign, and producers are the ones that work with partners to make it all happen.

Creativity, curiosity, and the ability to work well as a team are critical.

Account Management

Without clients, there is no advertising. The Account Management team is dedicated to making sure that they appropriately balance the wishes of both the clients and the agency team, seeing projects through to completion.

Communication skills are a must for this role, as well as the ability to see both the high level, big picture whilst keeping an eye on all the details.

Strategy & Insights

Strategists use research and experience to make sure that advertising reaches the right audience in the best way possible.

This career demands relentless curiosity and research skills, as well as creative problem-solving to really connect with the audience.