Vice Media Group

VICE Media Group

The strength of our company and the diversity in our ideas wouldn’t exist without the many voices of our team. That’s why our people at VICE Media Group are paramount to the success of our business and to our trusted partners. According to our 2021 DEI Recap Report, Vice Media Group is 55% female and 40% BIPOC, and our goal is to continue building a company that mirrors the diversity of the world we shine a light on.

Roles available at this company

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This is the heart and soul of a creative agency. Creatives come up with the ideas for everything from billboards to commercials to real world experiences that all help reinforce the brand’s message for that campaign, and producers are the ones that work with partners to make it all happen.

Creativity, curiosity, and the ability to work well as a team are critical.

Human Resources

One of the critical careers in any industry, Human Resources makes sure that all the other employees can thrive by feeling heard and respected.

This role takes strong dedication and interpersonal skills, as well as a desire to ensure that things run smoothly.


An agency is only as strong as the support it has. Operations oversee the day-to-day running of the office, such as keeping the books balanced and the lights on.

This takes meticulous analysis skills, teamwork, and a drive to keep the ship running.

Public Relations

Agencies and brands put out a lot more communications beyond ads themselves. A good PR professional will help extend a brand’s reach, reinforce the message they’re putting out, and foster a positive message.

Some critical skills for this role include creativity, a depth of knowledge about the brand and its competitors, and the ability to work with a wide variety of partners and media outlets.

Strategy & Insights

Strategists use research and experience to make sure that advertising reaches the right audience in the best way possible.

This career demands relentless curiosity and research skills, as well as creative problem-solving to really connect with the audience.